Sunday, March 30, 2014

Balloons Galore... Card-in-a-box Month!

Well March Madness hit with a vengeance lol... Age Birthdays made things a LOT of fun.  Nanna was 80, Mum was 60 and Pop was 85!  So much joy for one month :-)

So what is a girl to do?  Help Celebrate!

  So Nanna's favourite colour is SKY-BLUE-PINK-WITH-POLKA DOTS... have you ever tried to find that colour? *chuckle*  Anyway I know better than to go looking and I made it using my trusty Silhouette and pen holder to draw pink polka dots on sky blue card stock... as close as I could get hehe.  Ok balloons cut using my Silhouette, each and every one tied with bakers twine of every colour!  These are then stuck onto clear acetate strips (cut by Brandon!).  I altered the Happy Birthday Topper Design ID #30592 from the Silhouette Store.
The box I made up after seeing a few online... nice and easy :-)

Excuse the backdrop, I had to take photos in the car due to poor lighting in my office!  Mum's card embossed using my cute lil Cuttlebug. The back of the card has a panel for the message... and the whole card flat packs for postage!

 Pop's 85th card... Happy Birthday from the Silhouette store, embossed using the Cuttlebug Happy Birthday folder.

Hope you like them!  Happy Crafting *hugs* Sarah

Monday, March 3, 2014

Vinyl Galore!

Well talk about a snowball effect... Tina asked me to do one vinyl job (before I had even opened the vinyl to have a go for myself) and now I find myself with several requests for vinyl (not going to mention the fact that my vinyl supplier is "out of stock" - guess I am getting a new supplier!).

What I did for Tina... I love this :-) and so does she which is waaaay more important!

This went through the post in a tube pack... came out unscathed!

Today among other vinyl jobs I worked on I got a chuckle out of one job and was happy to oblige a fellow sci-fi fan!  I think the Darth Vader is awesome... I believe it is spray painted... this could easily be vinyled too!  (Oh the possibilities!)

"Come to the Dark Side.  We have beer" is in Star Jedi Font...

Thanks for stopping by everyone.